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WMC, Inc. can accommodate all your custom manufacturing and installation needs. With a commitment to quality, our team of millwrights, machinists, fabricators and experienced welders offers a wide range of expert services. WMC also employs a full time safety director who is an accredited OSHA instructor with the knowledge to consult with your company on any and all safety issues.


As union professionals, WMC millwrights have the capability to load, unload, move, install, level, align, modify, repair, and maintain all types of machinery and conveying systems (belt, table top, screw, bucket, elevator, monorail).

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Machinists at our 14,000 sq. ft. machine shop have access to a wide selection of milling, turning, drilling, and finishing machinery as well as a state-of-the-art water jet cutting system. In shop equipment includes marvel saws, 10 ton overhead crane, CNC milling center, 5 ton welding positioner, 100 ton hydraulic press, 48” throat nibbler, metal sheer, brake presses, surface grinder and much more.

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WMC welders are highly capable of manual and automatic flame cutting, plasma cutting, MIG, TIG (heli-arc) and stick welding. Our welders have extensive experience in food grade systems following strict FDA/NSF guidelines. Welding

certifications are available upon request.

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Fabricators make, and maintain customized precision equipment; and many other products made from metal sheets. They also may work with fiberglass and plastic materials. Fabricators first study plans and specifications to determine the type and quantity of materials they will need.

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Waterjet CNC

We use the unmatched versatility of water jets to expand our capabilities beyond what is possible with lasers, EDM or mills. When using water jets you can throw out pre-conceived ideas about what are traditionally considered “difficult applications.”

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Design & Consultation

In our years in business, we have successfully resolved many complex and difficult situations by the involvement of the right people. WMC has contacts in many different trades as well as engineers from all fields of construction and

processing equipment.

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