We use the unmatched versatility of water jets to expand our capabilities beyond what is possible with lasers, EDM or mills. When using water jets you can throw out pre-conceived ideas about what are traditionally considered “difficult applications.” Abrasive water jets are ideally suited for tough, and lucrative applications such as titanium, inconel, brass, any steel, aluminum, glass, stone or composites. Abrasive water jets cut material from 6 in. thick to .005 in. The hair-thin water jet can quickly cut gaskets, foams, plastics and thin rubber. For machining high volume, short runs or prototype parts, water jet shape cutting systems are the most versatile machine tools in the world.

As union professionals, WMC millwrights have the capability to load, unload, move, install, level, align, modify, repair, and maintain all types of machinery and conveying systems (belt, table top, screw,... More